ลั่นทม – วิกิพีเดีย

Plumeria – Wikipedia

In the past, some people believe that Lan Thom should not be planted in the house. Because the name is unfortunate Is to coincide with the word ‘despair’, which means “grief, but most currently suffering a new name, Plumeria, and grow very widely. Other features include a native Champa, Hmpalay Hmpakhoam and so on.
Plumeria is the wood was taken from the Khmer in the South called “new beginning for” flower stand, “Wood told that this led to cultivation in Thailand. When the time to hit the Angkor Thom to win the tree planting. A memorial and a name that “Lan Thom” flicker “as translated Duty Eennฆgoong drum loudly,” Thom “means” Angkor Thom “after” crash Thom “is silly,” Lan Thom. ”
4-5 years ago after a known and familiar in the name of the “Plumeria” only this is a Plumeria tree.
The market significantly. Especially in landscaping and gardening and home gardens in the resort buildings attractions. Different places and the expansion of business journalism in the spa Lan Thom temple as seen petals 5 petals are very fragrant. Originated from Mexico


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  1. ผมชอบกลิ่นหอมของดอกไม้ชนิดนี้มากและรู้สึกเหมือนอยู่ในสวรรค์เมื่อฉันยืนโดยต้นไม้ในตอนเช้าและใช้เวลาในสายลมกระพือเช้าสด

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